Thank god,i open it the end.

1.what’s that taste?

2.The big one had a thing for you.It means someone like you.And if you two fall in love,saying we are   kinda a thing now.

3.there are people like me.’s the deal.  this tells other what happened.

5.Chances are he’s gonna be….Means probably to do something.

6.I”ll be there=I”ll go down there.

7.Got me, means there is a question that someone couldn’t answer.

8.Be right there.

9.How about the movie? Means ask for somebody’s advice.

10.Not much.  When someone ask what have been up to you or some greet word,if you are not bad ,you can answer not much.


Oh,my god.It’s kinda late now. i just watched the tv show named”THE VOICE OF CHINA”,then i forget the time.Sorry,so i can not write a lot.

1..For example,you can talk to you parent back home.Such expression is not familiar,because we are accustomed to use formal language.


3.Word of advice.

4.He’s out banging other women over the head. “the magic of perp.

5.Isn’t that.

6.what’s new.

7.Are you through with that?

8.The swallowing slow me down.

9.How do you fit into this whole thing?

10.what does she mean by”…”

11.what are you gonna do?


I am writing my notes after watching the Friends.The soap teach me a lot,specially in expressing with english.So i wanna share them.Thanks.

1.In spoken english,the words are different with the formal words.Such as “wanna/ gotta /gonna/kinda”.

2.The structure of “There be /That is “,are common.

3.when they wanna emphasize something,they will use some adv to express.Such as even/actually/exactly/such.

4How much/many/long/or some adj/adv like clean/beautiful/…..But how much have tow means,one is money,the others is extend.How much is it ?/How much you look like my friend!

5.The usage of kinda is flexible.For instant,You and i have kinda drifted apart/All the people are kinda different/Maybe it will have kinda revelation with me.

6.It matters to me.



9.How are you =how do you do =how you doing

10.what are you up to tonight?

11.Here’s the thing.

12.much of +adj means too many ..

13.What for=why

14.How was +place means are you happy in that place?

15.It sucks.



我都已经记不清这是第几次忘记了密码了,每次都说会记住,可是老是记不住。所以n年没有来了,好内疚啊,哥哥花钱给我买的这个我也不知道叫啥的东西。网址?博客?我也不知懂叫什么!!他学什么也很少跟我说,主要是他说了我也不懂。觉得自己在浪费哥哥的钱啊。昨天晚上本来是要写的,电脑没电了,可是一不小心就超过了时间,又要睡觉了,所以就没有写。为什么昨天要写呢,因为那是我和我未婚夫的第一个520天啊!!  那么有意义的日子,可是我居然没有去算,醉了,我这猪脑一天到晚都想些没用的东西。所以我以后时不时就算下我们在一起了多少天,等到1040天的时候,我一定不要是那个被提醒的人。

暑假已经开始了,出去玩了几天回来,代价就是要在家连续睡好几天啊,要有一个倒时差的感觉。今天才开始我的学习的,哼!! 为了避免我的博客没有东西写,还有监督我每天都要学习,所以我的博客里面就记录我的笔记,希望哥哥每天来检查。最后,重要的事情说三遍:不要懒,不要懒,不要懒!!爱老公,mua mua mua!!